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Welcome To Ningindo.Com

Ningindo is an online store that sells high quality and authentic Indonesian products that comply with International standard. Our products came from our local farmers and artisans, so you won’t need to worry about our products authenticity. We guarantee that all of the products that we sell through ningindo.com are only high quality and original products. Our purpose is to assist and promote genuine Indonesian traditional products.

Why Choose Ningindo.Com

High Quality

We provide a wide selection of a high quality original Indonesian products.

Proffesional Team

Our farmers and artisans are certified and highly competent in their respective fields.

We have complete License for Export.


Easy and Fast Delivery

We work with professional sea and air freight partners who are ready to deliver your order in a timely manner and affordable cost.


We guarantee that our products will be 100% authentic Indonesian products. We will take 100% responsibility if the goods that you received are not the same as what you have ordered.

Affordably Prices

All of our products are priced affordably and very reasonable.

Monitoring Everytime

We have a team of professionals that are ready to monitor and track your goods delivery process (via shipment or air carrier) within an immediate notice, and we are ready to help you sort out any kinds of problems that may occur during your goods delivery process.